The picture on the right is another that was taken on the, now famous, Ian Keniston bachelor party fishing trip of November 16, 2004. The scene shows Tim Williams (CT) holding the Bunny Clark's largest white hake of the season caught mid afternoon. Weighing 41.25 pounds, this hake is a Maine state trophy by 16.25 pounds, the third largest fish of that trip and the largest hake (barely) that Tim has ever caught. A fitting end to a great season for Tim. Hake, like haddock, take bait before anything else, usually some type of fish (mackerel or herring). However, Tim, an ardent student and master of the jig stick, landed just about all his fish on a jig including this hake. Although he goes recreational groundfishing throughout the season, he concentrates his efforts during the late season months preferring the bigger fish (and windier weather). Special fish like Tim's are the kind of fish we like to see caught on the Bunny Clark .

The shot on the left is a picture of Tim's 22 pound Maine state trophy cusk, a tie with Phil Wilson (NH) for the seventh largest cusk of the 2004 Bunny Clark fishing season. Tim has caught a couple of cusk larger including a 31 pounder caught during the 2002 Bunny Clark fishing season. It ties with a cusk that Mike Rygiel (MA) caught in 2003 for the third largest cusk that has ever been landed on the Bunny Clark. It has only been a handful of years that the all tackle world record size exceeded 31 pounds on the cusk. Very impressive indeed!

The picture on the lower left is a shot of Tim and his 18 pound Maine state trophy wolffish, the Bunny Clark's third largest wolffish of the 2004 fishing season. Tim caught this fish on the offshore marathon trip of June 29, 2004.

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