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Revised February 1, 2007

Text & photos by Tim Tower unless otherwise noted.


Tim Tower , owner and captain of the Bunny Clark,(The dog on the left holding his youngest collie, Finley , on January 5, 2007 - a shot taken by his daughter, Halley ) is a native of Ogunquit, Maine. He was born into the commercial fishing business on the same evening his father made his largest ever set of herring around the Isle of Shoals off the coast of Maine. Life for the next few years after revolved around his father's seiner. A career change put his father in the restaurant business with the inception of Barnacle Billy's in Perkins Cove, Ogunquit in 1961. Tim became one of two of the youngest lobstermen in Maine at the age of nine. After that, Tim's life was split between getting a school education and lobstering, tuna fishing (harpooning and handlining commercially), tub trawling (small trawl and halibut), gill netting and very little dragging. The last two years of high school were spent at Tilton School, a private school in Tilton, New Hampshire, while all four years of college were spent at Alfred University, Alfred, New York, both endeavors partially funded through commercial fishing and summer work at Barnacle Billy's. Between times, he has been a charter skipper and delivery captain, sailing vessels from different U. S. ports to Bermuda, through the Caribbean Sea, across the Atlantic, Indian Ocean and on the Pacific Ocean. He holds a biology/chemistry degree and has worked as a marine biologist for the National Marine Fisheries Service and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution studying fish migration. Tim started taking 6 passenger fishing trips on the Mary E in 1977, built the Bunny Clark and sold the Mary E in 1983 and has been party fishing (fishing with greater than 6 passengers) with the "B.C." ever since.

At this time, Tim is scheduled to captain all but three of the marathon trips throughout the 2007 fishing season and will captain the day trip and evening trip on Tuesdays during the summer months.

Principle Captain/First Mate

Ian Keniston is Bunny Clark's principle captain and first mate. [A picture of him is shown on the right as he holds his 52 pound Maine state trophy cod which he caught while attending his own bachelor party aboard the Bunny Clark on November 16, 2004. This is the largest fish Ian has ever caught - even in 2007!] Captain Ian runs most of the Day Trips (except Tuesdays and Sundays), all of the Extreme Trips, most of the Half Day trips (except Tuesdays and Sundays) and three Marathon trips ( Apr. 16, Sep. 3 & Oct. 8 in 2007). He has been working for Bunny Clark Fishing & Tackle on a year round basis which includes rebuilding all the reels, reconditioning the Bunny Clark in the winter and repairing all our rods. He also rebuilds customer reels and rods. Captain Ian starts his ninth year working for Bunny Clark, Corp. in 2007. He has been instrumental in the success of our party fishing business and continues to be Tim's right hand man in determining policy and business/boat innovations. It has been wonderful having him aboard.

Ian worked as a deck hand on the party boat Indian II out of Portland, Maine for 14 years before he started working on the Bunny Clark. He is an excellent, kind, hard working individual who has maintained a great attitude, a love for fishing and the fishing business and has fantastic deck and boat handling skills. He has the gift of common sense which is decidedly uncommon among the populace. Ian and Mike Gorham (captain of the Indian II) have been regular customers of mine for many years. Both are excellent fishermen and tops in their field. Ian's success with anglers and people in general is a testament to his ability on the boat.

For the 2007 fishing season, Ian's captain's duties will remain the same as those described in the first paragraph. He will also be the second captain on the Ultra Marathon, the first mate on Tuesdays during the summer and the first mate on various Marathon trips throughout the season.

Principle Deck Hand/First Mate/Second Mate

Jared Keniston is the principle deck hand on the Bunny Clark. [The picture on the left is a shot of him holding the haddock he caught during the Bunny Clark marathon trip of May 11, 2004. At 17 pounds, this is the largest haddock that has ever been caught on the Bunny Clark. This fish was weighed on a certified scale ashore twelve hours after capture where the official weight came in at 15 pounds 9.8 ounces. It became the all tackle Maine state record a year later (and remains so) and is larger than the existing IGFA all tackle world record by 10.8 ounces. Truly a remarkable fish.] Jared is the deck hand on all of trips where Ian is the captain, the deck hand who supports Captain Tom Corbett on the summer Sunday trips and Tim's first mate during the Wednesday marathon trips throughout the year. He is also the principle deck hand on the Ultra Marathon.

Jared Keniston has fished on many party boats (including the Bunny Clark) and has worked as a deck hand on several from Portland to Kennebunkport. In 2003 he was overseas working for Uncle Sam with the Marines. He has been working for Bunny Clark, Corp. since he got back (January 2004) and helped me lobstering winters. For the last three winters he has been working with Ian reconditioning the Bunny Clark, rebuilding rods and reels and, generally helping get the business ready for prime time. I have enjoyed an excellent man on the deck in Jared . He is excellent with the anglers, very entertaining (outgoing) on deck, a wonderful individual with excellent boat handling skills and has a great work ethic. Humans don't come any better.

Swing/Sunday Captain

Captain Tom Corbett , caught in a contemplative mood in a shot I took when he was the captain on the Bunny Clark about seven years ago (he doesn't look any different now), is the Bunny Clark's swing captain. Captain Tom is the skipper during the summer months on Sunday's mostly and emergencies occasionally. Tom started working on the Bunny Clark during the 1998 fishing season. He has continued on working for Bunny Clark, Corp. in the capacity of captain ever since. He was the principle captain one season, the secondary captain on another year and a part time skipper the other years.

Captain Tom has spend most of his life on the ocean. Before he worked for Bunny Clark, Corp., he worked for Shaftmaster Corp. as the captain of an eighty-five foot steel offshore lobster boat working the Georges Bank area for fourteen years. I've always thought that Tom knows the offshore bottom better than most commuters know the road to Boston. Probably the most stable personality on the water I have ever known, he has been wonderful to have as part of the Bunny Clark team. For this reason, I have gone out of my way to keep him with us as much as we can. Wonderful with anglers, an excellent boat handler, great with engines, super working the deck and extremely dependable, I rely on his expertise greatly and have never been disappointed with his fishing trips.

During the 2007 fishing season, Captain Tom will remain the skipper working most Sundays (full day trip & afternoon trip) during the summer.

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