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The digital image on the right is a shot of Mark Lemieux (PA) holding his 7.25 pound Maine state trophy haddock caught on the May 26 marathon trip of 2016. This is the Bunny Clark's first trophy fish of the 2016 fishing season, the largest haddock of the fishing season (to date) and the first trophy haddock of the season, of course. Mark is a regular angler who goes fishing with me a few times a year. Normally we see him on the marathon trips or the long offshore trips we run in July. On this day, Mark and his cousin, Rick Lemieux (ME), enjoyed some of the best haddock fishing we have seen in a long time. Not only did the trip feature excellent fishing, there were so few sub-legal haddock that I had to pull the anglers off the haddock before the trip was over for fear that we would reach the boat limit much too early! As it was, we reached the boat limit on haddock and had quite a few pollock besides by the time we were ready to head home. We didn't catch any other haddock over 6 pounds this day. But we caught so many haddock over 4 pounds that it seemed like I was weighing every other haddock looking for one over 6 pounds. Most of these fish seemed to be part of the same year class, they were so identical in length. It's been a wonderful year for haddock so far. The only complaint I have had is that most of the haddock are too small. Today's trip was one of six exceptions. However, to be able to see so many haddock on every trip is remarkable. From 1986 until the spring of 1995, we were happy to catch fifty haddock in a season. Now if we don't catch a hundred in a day we are disappointed! To date, this has been the best stretch of haddock fishing the Bunny Clark has ever seen. I'm just hoping it keeps up until we can start keeping cod again. Special fish like Mark's are the kind of fish we like to see caught on the Bunny Clark .

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For information and reservations, telephone: 207-646-2214

For information and reservations:

Call: Bunny Clark, Corp. at - 207-646-2214
Write: Tim Tower, 93 Frazier Pasture Rd., P.O. Box 837F, Ogunquit, Maine 03907-0837
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