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The digital image on the right is a shot of Bryan Lewer (FL/ME) holding his 20.5 pound Maine state trophy cusk which he caught before sunrise during the Ultra Marathon trip in July 2016. This was the Bunny Clark's third largest cusk of the 2016 fishing season. Bryan only made two trips with us on the Bunny Clark last season. But on those two trips he caught the largest cod, at 45.5 pounds, that has been caught on the Bunny Clark since Liam Kennedy (NJ) caught a 47.5 pound cod during the marathon trip of May 19, 2011! He also caught the second most Maine state trophy fish of the season, a tie with Jon Griffin (MA) who became last years Fisherman of the Year . The big cod notwithstanding, he also caught the Bunny Clark's largest hake of the season at 40.5 pounds, tied for the Bunny Clark's fifth largest redfish at 2 pounds and boated the Bunny Clark's eighth largest hake at 33 pounds, a Maine state trophy. It was a hell of year for Bryan on only two trips. But Bryan is no stranger to the world of salt water fishing. He has a boat in Florida on which he fishes, he has a charter boat business in Ogunquit called the "Salty Lewer Fishing Charters " where he takes people to catch striped bass along the shore and he has been one of my best anglers aboard the Bunny Clark since the age of sixteen. And I know by putting his picture up on this index page he will be getting some abuse from my other regular anglers! I have never used this picture of Bryan. I was more interested in posting this picture at this time of year. I love the fact that he boated this fish and had a picture taken before the sun made it's appearance in New England. And, of course, we saw the sunrise before anybody in Ogunquit! I also put this picture up because Bryan, like many others, will be looking forward to the upcoming fishing season. If I'm lucky he will be sailing with us a couple of times this year. And, like most of last year, we will not be keeping cod. In fact, Bryan's 45.5 pound cod was caught during a time when we couldn't keep cod either. So after boating the largest cod of his life, weighing it and taking a quick picture, we released it back to the ocean alive. So, no keeping cod during the 2017 fishing season. Also, this will be the first season in a few seasons that we will be able to keep haddock from April 15 to May 1, 2017. The bag limit at that time will be fifteen fish a person. After May 1, 2017, the bag limit drops to twelve fish per person. And we have a new prohibition on keeping haddock during the period from September 17 to November 1, 2017. The minimum size limit will still be seventeen inches. That's a small haddock. It's certainly a gift to be able to keep a fish that small. So Bryan has told me that he's very much looking forward to the summer fishing season in Maine. And, to him, it's not the keeping of the fish, it's the ability to catch such a grand fish like the cod of a lifetime, and let it go alive. I feel the same. Besides we are lucky enough in New England to have other species we can keep to eat (cusk, redfish, hake, haddock, halibut, etc.). In fact, you might want to check our Guestletter for a more in depth view of the regulations and last season's fishing exploits. Special fish like Bryan's are the kind of fish we like to see caught on the Bunny Clark .

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For information and reservations, telephone: 207-646-2214

For information and reservations:

Call: Bunny Clark, Corp. at - 207-646-2214
Write: Tim Tower, 50 Perkins Cove Road, P.O. Box 837F, Ogunquit, Maine 03907-0837
Or click here: bunnyclarkdsf@gmail.com

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