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corporate sponsors Welcome to my site where I attempt to make a difference for cancer patients throughout the world by making time to raise money for the Pan-Massachusetts Challenge (PMC). The PMC is an 192 mile (two day) cycling event where cyclists are sponsored by individuals/companies in order to raise the money needed to fight cancer and for cancer care. I am one of those cyclists. Each sponsor's donation goes directly to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) in Boston, Massachusetts via the Jimmy Fund, the fund raising arm of the DFCI. The Jimmy Fund was established in 1949. The PMC was established in 1980 and has since raised over half of the total money the Jimmy Fund has raised in donations since it's inception (over a half a billion dollars!). It is the largest sum of money ever contributed to a charity by an athletic fund raising event anywhere in the world. I got involved in 2007. By the end of the fourteenth year of my involvement (the end of 2021), I had moved a total of $407,447.00 in donations. Many donations come from the same individuals who give to my cancer drive year after year. But there are many new contributors every year as well. In 2022, my goal is to raise over $40,000.00 as soon as I can and then add to that total. I have never reached that mark. The closest I came was last season (2021) where I was able to raise $37,950.00. Thank you all for your, generosity, trust and support!

corporate sponsors
The shot above was taken on August 7, 2021 at 5:00 AM in front of the Host Hotel, Sturbridge, Massachusetts. From left to right are Dave Miller, your's truly & Paul "Hez" Haseltine. It has become tradition that Dave Miller, who lives about a half an hour away, shows up to the start of the ride before the event itself. Hez & I try to find Dave so that we can get our picture together before the ride starts. Normally, Steve LaPlante (CT) shows up at the same time that Dave does and we all have our picture together. But on this occasion, Steve over-slept. And he felt bad about this! Nevertheless, life goes on and there will be other days. On the first day's ride, it is also tradition that you wear the PMC cycling kit for that year. The PMC produces a different kit for every year. The kits we are wearing above were the 2021 kits.

The thing I like most about the PMC ride is meeting everyone, the like minded wonderful individuals who make this such a great event. I look at the regular PMC ride as a gift to me for all the fund raising I do.

By the way, Hez was the person who suggested I do this event in 2006 after he had ridden in it that year for his first time. I was interested in helping fight cancer. He also knew that I liked riding a road bike for distance. He said; "This would be perfect for you. You can raise money for cancer, push the donation money to a reputable organization located in our own back yard and enjoy a challenging, well run and felicitous cycling event." I researched it. The more I read about the event and the many successes of the DFCI, the more I liked the idea. Hez had completed one of the shorter rides in 2006. I agreed to do it with him for the first time in 2007 if we could do it together and take part in the longest ride. We have been doing it ever since, staying in the same room at Sturbridge and MMA. A life long friend, I wouldn't do the event without him. Or, at least, it wouldn't be nearly as fun. I got more serious about it when he was found to have prostate cancer a couple of years after we started doing it together. Hez was also the one who suggested that I be part of the P4K team. He thought my donation money would be better spent funneling it directly to research and that this was, in his opinion, the preeminent team to belong to. Again, I did the research and decided to give it a try. Now I too feel that I get more bang for the buck by riding and pooling donation money with the P4K team. I guess to me, Hez is the most important cog in the wheel of my involvement. I've come to believe that he has the most common sense of anyone who I have had the pleasure to know. He's a good friend. My best friend.

The reasons to donate are many. But there are a few salient reasons to continue to do so.

  • First, the DFCI is good at what they do, one of the top five cancer research & care facilities in the country every year.
  • Second, one hundred percent of your donation goes right to the source, the DFCI. The cost of running the PMC (about $5 million) is underwritten by businesses around Boston. So every rider raised penny goes right to the general fund or an specific area of oncology of your choice. Mine goes directly to research. I belong to a team called Precision for Kids (P4K), the name of the team derived from the type of "new age" cancer research called precision cancer medicine. This will be the fourth year I have belonged to this team. In the twelve seasons before, my money went to the general fund. I decided to go with the Precision for Kids team because they fund research with Dr. Katherine Janeway, a cancer survivor herself, who divides her time between working at DFCI and Boston Children's Hospital in genetic profiling. Her goal is to find the specific gene in the DNA sequence of the person with the cancer, use a targeted drug that will "switch off" the gene (they haven't yet learned how to replace the gene) causing the cancer and, thus, bypass the traditional use of chemotherapy and radiation while curing the patient. She has already had great success in real time with several children at the time of this writing. This made me want to direct my donor's money in her direction. Seven years ago her research wasn't being funded at all! Once her methods are perfected, the techniques will spread to all other research teams for all types of cancers. I'm excited about the prospects of her team's work.

  • Third, the DFCI is in our back yard.
  • Fourth, the innovative work they do spills into other facilities and other areas of medicine making it better for everyone in the U.S. and around the world.
  • Fifth, you can deduct your donation when filing your tax returns.
  • Sixth, the more money the DFCI receives, the better able they are to hire the best people (researchers/doctors) to do the job. This will continue to make them the best to support.
  • Seventh, individuals I know are now cancer free because of the good work at the DFCI. Thank you all so much for supporting me in this wonderful event. It's the event of a life saved for many of those people with the disease. And cancer won't go away unless someone gets involved. I am just one of the many who believe in this event. And, last year, this one cycling event raised over $64,000,000.00 even though the event was much reduced in scope because of the Covid 19 pandemic! The total money raised since the PMC's inception, in 1980, is $831,000,000.00! And that figure was posted in November. Since then other donations have been received and more will be sent as you are reading this sentence.

    The event has many rides. Mine, the longest of the few available and the original ride, starts in Sturbridge at 5:30 AM sharp on Saturday, August 6, 2022 and ends, on the first day, 111 miles away at Bourne, Massachusetts at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy (where we will be spending the night). The second day starts at 6:00 AM (or earlier - depending on the rider) on Sunday, August 7, 2022 and ends, 81 miles away, in Provincetown, Massachusetts. I have a ticket for the slow ferry that leaves Provincetown at 3:00 PM and arrives in Boston, Massachusetts sometime before sunset. But the chances of me taking part in the event this year are pretty slim if not zero as my son, Micah, has chosen this date to get married to a woman we all love. I love this event. It's wonderful and so perfectly run. But, for me, the fund raising is, by far, the most important aspect of all this. So I will be involved as I love to do. But the ride will probably have to wait until 2023, if I make it that far.

    I am seventy years old, a life long endurance athlete and an avid deep sea party boat fisherman/captain/owner and President/General Manager of my family's restaurant business in Perkins Cove (Barnacle Billy's, Inc.) Ogunquit, Maine. I chose the PMC as my first pick for a fund raiser because of the cycling but also because I wanted to be part of something that really has an impact on cancer research. The researchers I support have already cured five individuals who never had a hope of survival until Dr. Janeway's team got involved. In fact, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City sent Dr. Janeway her first patient seven years ago because their efforts, at the time, were not helping. In fact, the initial cancer had metastasized to other organs in her body. They had heard of Dr. Janeway's innovative work and suggested to the girls parents that they should take a trip to Boston. The parents took their advice and rented an apartment near the DFCI. The rest is history. This girl has been cancer free for seven years. It took almost six months to find the drug that would shut off the gene that was creating the cancer. I am very grateful to have found such a great place to put our donation money.

    Keep in mind, the amount donated is not the most important thing, although the more the better. But the number of donors is very important indeed. I don't care how large or small the donation is as every bit of money will help cancer victims in some way. If you, as a donor, want to make your contribution anonymous, write this as a note with your check and it will be so. Otherwise, donors and donations will appear below. This list will be edited as soon as I am able with your contribution added in order of the date on the check or the date I receive the check. Thank you in advance.

    pan-massachusetts challenge website:

    corporate sponsors
    The shot above was taken on August 8, 2021, on the last water stop in Wellfleet, Massachusetts about twenty miles before Provincetown, Massachusetts. These are some of the best of the P4K team. And I truly enjoy riding with these guys. From left to right are Mike Cantalupa, Chris Chandor (with the red helmet), Andy Carver, yours truly, Patrick Cavanagh (in the black helmet) and our fearless leader, Mike Parent. A few years ago, Mike Parent and Andy Carver rode a tandem bike and allowed me to ride with them on this last leg to P-town, starting right where this picture was taken. I did better than they did when it came to the ascents. But on the flats and the descents, it was all I could do to hold their wheel. I believe that it is the fastest I have ever ridden a bicycle. And it was so much fun. The cycling kits we are all wearing are the official team P4K kits.

  • A digital image of me, Tim Tower, taken at 10:00 AM, August 6, 2016, fifteen miles from the finish of the first leg of the PMC ride from the Sturbridge to Provincetown route. This leg stopped at Mass Maritime Academy where we would stay over night in the dorms there before the start of the next day. At the time the shot was taken, the photographer was lying prone on the right hand side of the road. I was the second rider to pass him. But I lost my place when I stopped to fill water bottles at the next water stop. As is customary on the first day, I am wearing the full 2016 PMC kit with matching socks. © PMC Photography

    © PMC Photography

    Tim Tower as seen during the running leg of the West Kennebunk Fire Company Triathlon on Aug 26, 2006. © EJS Photography
    © EJS Photography

    Tim Tower as seen during swim/bike transition during the West Kennebunk Fire Company Triathlon on Aug 26, 2006. After the swim, the bike is taken (running) with the shoes already clipped in. In this image, Tim has already mounted the bike (which is moving at 10 mph), the right foot is in and he is in the process of getting the left foot in the shoe. © EJS Photography
    © EJS Photography

    A shot of me (Tim Tower) in transition after the ocean swimming leg of West Kennebunk Fireman Triathlon sprint (the swim was a third of a mile) on August 26, 2007. © Capstone Photography
    © Capstone Photography (

    A digital image taken of Teagan Carver, Andy Carver's daughter, and I at Andy's house on August 7, 2021 during the ride. Andy's house is right on the route from Sturbridge to Bourne, Massachusetts. He is one of the main talents of the P4K team and very generous with his time in that regard. There were a number of the team individuals who stopped at the same time. Teagan is modeling the 2021 Bunny Clark/PMC t-shirt. I design a new shirt for every PMC season. The shirt is always a different color, the design is unique and they are all cotton, with some exceptions.

    © Tim Tower Photograph
    © Tim Tower Photograph

    Paul "Hez" Haseltine during the 2015 PMC. A shot taken on the ride during the second day on the way to Provincetown, Massachusetts. At the time, Hez had done the event for eleven years, one more year than I had. But we have ridden together in the PMC since 2007, a year after he had ridden in the event without me for the first time. We have taken part in this event together ever since. © PMC Image
    © PMC Image

    At the finish, on the last day, at the Provincetown Inn, the PMC puts on a lunch under a huge tent adjacent to the Inn. On August 5, 2018 at 1:00 PM, I ran into Billy Starr, the founder and CEO of the PMC. I asked Billy if I could have a "selfie" of he and I, which he obliged (below). I am the one in the black PMC cap and sunglasses. It has been a great honor to know the man. © Deb Tower Photography
    © Tim Tower Image

    A week after the 2016 PMC, Jonathan Cartwright (left) & I find ourselves riding together again. At this point I still haven't taken the racing numbers off my bike yet! This shot was taken in Kennebunk by Daniel Braun. © Tim Tower Image
    © Daniel Braun Image

    Picture taken of me, Tim Tower, on the bike leg of the West Kennebunk Fireman (Olympic length) Triathlon on June 17, 2007. © Capstone Photography
    © Capstone Photography (

    One of my best friends and fellow PMC rider, Paul Haseltine (left) and myself at Sturbridge, Massachusetts during dinner on the eve of the 2007 PMC ride, Friday, August 3, 2007, my introduction to the PMC. My first time at the event! Notice the Fish Tunes T-shirt - well before it was publically known that The Wildlife Refugees would produce such an astounding collection of original music about fishing. © PMC Photo
    © PMC Photo

    In this digital image I am wearing the full kit of the Maine Coast Cycling Club, an organization that I am very happy to be a part of. Probably the nicest crew that I have ever cycled with. One of the rides leaves every Sunday from Kennebunkport at 8:00 AM (9:00 AM in the winter) and goes for 25 to 50 miles, depending on the on the group you are in. Every Sunday morning you will find me with the MC3 crew. Rides average 20 to 21 mph in the faster groups and 17 mph in the slowest group. No one that gets dropped is ever left behind. And I always wear this kit proudly on the second day of the PMC. © Tim Tower Photography
    © Tim Tower Photo

    A shot taken at 4:30 AM, August 1, 2009 at the Sturbridge, Massachusetts starting line putting the bikes in position before the beginning of the ride. The digital image shows me (Tim Tower) on the right and my best friend and cycling mate, Paul Hesaltine, on the left. At this time I never would have thought that six hours later I would be lying on the ground unconscious from a bike crash. ©
    © PMC Photo

    Sitting on a hospital gurney in the emergency room at Tobey Hospital in Wareham, Massachusetts after I tapped the wheel of the rider ahead of me and went down on the pavement. The crash happened ten miles from the finish of the first day at the 2009 PMC while sitting in, riding with a group of fifteen cyclists. The quick response of the emergency crew had an EMT standing over me within a minute, the ambulance another five minutes. I was rendered unconscious during the crash but the CAT scan results at Tobey came out negative. Such are the dangers when riding with others on a bicycle. The crash was totally my fault but, except for a slightly separated shoulder and a cut over my eye (that required a few stitches), all my injuries were in the "road rash" category. ©
    © Paul Haseltine Photo

    Training for the PMC every Sunday with the Maine Coast Cycling Club. This shot was taken on July 23, 2017. ©
    © Tim Tower Photo

    On the last day I finished ahead of my cycling mates, Jonathan Cartwright and Daniel Braun. However, this gave me an opportunity to take a picture of them "high fiving" just after the finish line in Provincetown, Massachusetts on August 6, 2017. Daniel is the cyclist on the left. ©
    © Tim Tower Photo

    The shot below was taken by Andy Carver, a selfie of sorts showing Andy in the foreground. To his right is yours truly, just to the left of another cyclist. We are no more than seven miles out from the start line on August 4, 2018. The first day everyone wears the PMC kit of that year. Every year the PMC kits are different. Andy was a professional football player (goalie) in England before moving to the United States and raising a family here. He owns a commercial painting company in Boston. A superb athlete, Andy is always a lot of fun to ride with and certainly a challenge on a bike.

    © Andy Carver Photo

    A picture taken of Steve LaPlante and I before the start of 2011 Pan-Mass Challenge at 4:45 AM in Sturbridge, MA. Steve is wearing the 2011 Bunny Clark/PMC t-shirt. I am wearing the 2011 PMC full kit. ©
    © Paul Haseltine Photo

    A digital image of Lance Armstrong at 5:30 AM at the start of the 2011 Pan-Mass Challenge in Sturbridge, MA on August 7, 2011. This was the one and only time that Lance did this ride. I caught up with him at the 13 mile mark and ended up riding with him for almost 30 miles. At one point during the ride he held my wheel as we left the group he was riding with (Senator John Kerry's group). Although I tried talking with Lance during the ride, he did not talk to me. ©
    © Tim Tower Photo

    A digital image of U. S. Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) at 5:30 AM at the start of the 2011 Pan-Mass Challenge in Sturbridge, MA on August 7, 2011. I rode with Senator Brown for a while and talked with him before leaving him in order to catch up with the Lance Armstrong/Senator Kerry group. I found him to be a very receptive down to earth guy. Very unpretentious and a delight to talk with. ©
    © Tim Tower Photo

    A digital image of U. S. Senator John Kerry (D-MA) at 11:00 AM during the end of the first day ride in the 2012 Pan-Mass Challenge on August 4, 2012. We were only a quarter of a mile (the 112 mile mark) from the finish of the first day ride from Sturbridge, MA to Bourne, MA (Mass. Maritime Academy). Senator Kerry is the rider with the black/white shorts and orange Cervélo bike. Surrounding him were the Secret Service contingent who he rode with. I rode for 70 miles with Senator Kerry's group that day. Senator Kerry rode the PMC for many years until he became Secretary of State in 2013 and was unable to participate in the ride that year. ©
    © Tim Tower Photo

    Every Saturday start of the PMC every year, good friends and regular anglers of my boat, the F/V Bunny Clark, drive to Sturbridge, Massachusetts to arrive at 4:30 AM to see Hez and I off and wish us good luck on the first leg of the PMC ride. We always try to get a digital image of the four of us. This shot was taken on August 3, 2019 at 5:00 AM. From left to right are yours truly, Dave Miller (MA), Steve LaPlante (CT) and Hez. ©
    © Tim Tower Photo

    I took the digital image below on August 3, 2019, the first riding day of the Pan-Mass. Challenge. I was riding with some of the team members best suited for my speed and way of riding the bike. The first day requirement on the ride is that every participant/rider has to wear the PMC's kit for that season. The riders who I enjoy riding with form a "train" where one leads and the other riders stay closely behind, drafting each other. It's a means of covering more ground, more quickly with less effort than if you did it alone. I took a few seconds to take a few pictures of the riders leading. ©
    © Tim Tower Photo

    On the second day, all the riders wear their club kits, team kits or kits they enjoy wearing on every day rides. The shot above shows me moving to the back after leading our group, all wearing the P4K team colors. This digital image was taken about ten miles from our destination on the Cape, Provincetown, Massachusetts. In the picture, I'm the closest one to the camera. ©
    © Andy Carver Photo

    A digital image of me out of the saddle during the second day of the ride, Sunday, August 4, 2019. ©
    © PMC Photo

    A digital image of me (left), Billy Starr (middle - the founder of the PMC, it's president & CEO) & Mike Parent (founder of the P4K team) taken on Sunday, August 4, 2019. ©
    © Tim Tower Photo

    I took this digital image on Sunday, August 4, 2019 as we were going down "the chute" in the last few yards before the finish of the 2019 PMC in Provincetown, Massachusetts. The picture shows P4K team members, Katie & Fred Stallings (sister & brother) holding hands in victory of another safe, enjoyable end to 2019's PMC ride. ©
    © Tim Tower Photo

    make a donation
    In order to make a donation, make a check out to Pan-Massachusetts Challenge/Jimmy Fund and send it to me, Tim Tower (PMC), at P.O. Box 837, Ogunquit, Maine 03907. Or you can make a donation electronically with your credit card by going to my profile page on the PMC site and click on the "Donate to My Ride" blue button. Follow the instructions from there. For more information, contact Tim:
    1.) 01-01-22 Meg Tower "For all Your Kindness & Hard Work Thank you, Tim." ME $2000
    2.) 01-05-22 David & Madeline Gray Personal VT $100
    3.) 01-10-22 Kate "Sully" Sullivan & Kathleen Norton Personal - "eGift" ME $250
    4.) 01-12-22 Richard Payeur & Elinor Kostanski Personal/td> ME/FL $250
    5.) 01-21-22 Sarah & Jeff Ashworth Personal - "eGift" MA $25
    5.) 02-01-22 Sam Theodosopoulos Personal - "eGift" NH $100
    6.) 03-09-22 Robert Mayer Personal - "eGift" ME $30
    6.) 03-27-22 Julian & Sue Epstein Personal - "eGift" FL $50
    7.) 03-27-22 Sam Theodosopoulos Matching Gift from Sam's Company NH $97
    8.) 04-04-22 Tom Bruyere Personal NY $600
    9.) 04-04-22 Angela Feeney Personal MA $25
    10.) 04-09-22 Martin & Elise Buskey Personal NY $50
    11.) 04-09-22 Tim Rozan Personal ME $70
    12.) 04-10-22 Mark Girard Personal NH $50
    13.) 04-10-22 Dan Potyrala Personal MA $30
    14.) 04-12-22 David Dorr Personal ME $50
    15.) 04-13-22 Mark & Maureen LaRocca Personal NY $150
    16.) 04-14-22 Paul Kostopoulos Personal CT $500
    17.) 04-14-22 Steven Saunders Personal - "eGift" MA $50
    18.) 04-17-22 Rickey Hagadorn Personal NY $30
    19.) 04-20-22 "Steaker Jim" Strobridge Personal - "eGift" NH $500
    20.) 04-24-22 Mark Girard Personal NH $100
    21.) 04-24-22 Ray Westermann Personal MA $35
    22.) 04-27-22 Martin & Elise Buskey Personal NY $50
    23.) 04-27-22 Don Stancil Personal PA $100
    24.) 05-01-22 Ray Washburn Personal VT $250
    25.) 05-02-22 Jack Judge Personal CT/ME $100
    26.) 05-03-22 Steve Shugars Personal ME $100
    27.) 05-05-22 Robert Mayer Personal ME $25
    28.) 05-12-22 Steve Clark Clark's Custom Meat Processing VT $250
    29.) 05-14-22 Dana & Laurie Decormier Personal NH $40
    30.) 05-15-22 David & Rebecca Symes Personal ME $100
    31.) 05-17-22 Tom Pierce Personal - "eGift" MA $50
    32.) 05-19-22 Todd Mallory Personal NY $50
    33.) 05-20-22 Carol Demers Personal NH $50
    34.) 05-20-22 Harold Peck Personal NH $300
    35.) 05-20-22 Don & Lisa Johnson Personal MA $75
    36.) 05-23-22 Stephen Guilmet Personal - "eGift" MA $25
    37.) 05-24-22 Dwight Maling In Fond Memory of his Father, Ernest Maling FL $100
    38.) 05-24-22 Matty Clark Personal MA $45
    39.) 05-24-22 Dave Burton Personal MA $80
    40.) 05-24-22 Pete Lussier Personal NY $40
    41.) 05-25-22 Jason Ridolfi Personal NY $30
    42.) 05-29-22 Randy & Cherish Clark In Memory of Alexis "Lexy" Giallella VT $100
    42.) 05-29-22 Dawn Beckwith & Sally Personal ME $100
    43.) 05-30-22 Ed Setzer Personal NY $100
    44.) 06-07-22 Charlie Tankred Personal OH $100
    45.) 06-07-22 Paul Chontofalsky Personal PA $50
    46.) 06-09-22 Bill Donnelly Personal MA $50
    47.) 06-09-22 Mark Girard Personal NH $50
    48.) 06-09-22 Dave Burton In Memory of Dick Burton, Dave's father MA $100
    49.) 06-10-22 Gloria Gennari Personal MA $50
    50.) 06-10-22 Bill "Bruce" Kelson Personal MA $30
    51.) 06-12-22 Bill Harding Personal ME $30
    52.) 06-14-22 Merv Miller Personal OH $20
    53.) 06-14-22 Mark Pray Personal MA $15
    54.) 06-14-22 Ryan Tully Personal NH $15
    55.) 06-15-22 Elizabeth McLaughlin Personal NY $500
    56.) 06-15-22 Pete Backus Personal NY $30
    57.) 06-16-22 Raymond Charles Personal ME $40
    58.) 06-16-22 Tom Murphy Personal VT $40
    59.) 06-17-22 Wayne & Jackie Griffin Personal MA $2,000
    60.) 06-17-22 Martin & Elise Buskey Personal NY $50
    61.) 06-17-22 Steven LaPlante Personal CT $100
    62.) 06-20-22 Michael O. Coulombe Personal ME $50
    63.) 06-21-22 Robert Mayer Personal ME $50
    64.) 06-21-22 Steve Clark Personal VT $300
    65.) 06-21-22 Barry Ano Personal NY $100
    66.) 06-21-22 Nick Johnson Personal VT $30
    67.) 06-21-22 Randy Sheltra Personal VT $30
    68.) 06-22-22 Chris Cote Personal ME $30
    69.) 06-29-22 Bob Munroe & Linda Burgess Personal MA $40
    70.) 06-30-22 David & Rebecca Symes In Memory of Mike Kinney's Mother; who passed away from brain cancer just a week earlier. ME $100
    71.) 06-30-22 Brian St. Saviour Personal ME $5
    72.) 06-30-22 Jim Blodgett Personal VT $175
    73.) 06-30-22 Joe Breton Personal ME $25
    74.) 07-01-22 Rebecca & Donald Stedman In Memory of our Dear Brother, Jim Stedman TN $50
    75.) 07-02-22 Tim Rozan Personal ME $81
    76.) 07-05-22 Glen & Becky Dore Personal ME $35
    77.) 07-07-22 Jonathan & Francis Leavitt Personal NH $500
    78.) 07-08-22 Mark Coleman Personal NY $40
    79.) 07-08-22 Deborah Finnemore Personal - "eGift" FL $100
    80.) 07-09-22 Ralph Trotto Personal MA $30
    81.) 07-09-22 Thomas & Debbie McDonnell Personal MA $50
    82.) 07-10-22 Linda Hamel Personal NH $150
    83.) 07-11-22 Michael Hart Personal - "eGift" MA $25
    84.) 07-11-22 Carole Aaron Personal - "eGift" ME $50
    85.) 07-11-22 Kathleen Hessefort Roy Personal - "eGift" NH $100
    86.) 07-11-22 Andrew Armitage Personal - "eGift" NH $250
    87.) 07-11-22 Malcolm & Kathie Jepson Personal - "eGift" CA $100
    88.) 07-11-22 Susan Paurwoski Personal - "eGift" MA? $500
    89.) 07-12-22 Jason O'Connor Personal ME $25
    90.) 07-14-22 Peter & Patti Vangsness Personal - "eGift" MA $100
    91.) 07-18-22 Steve McGrath Personal NH $50
    92.) 07-18-22 Jim "Chip" Chiapponi Personal CT $80
    93.) 07-18-22 Dick & Kathy Lyle Personal NY $100
    94.) 07-20-22 David & JoAnn Miller Personal MA $30
    95.) 07-20-22 Andrew Barowsky Personal - "eGift" FL/ME $1000
    96.) 07-21-22 Norman & Linda Viens Personal - Venmo MA $100
    97.) 07-22-22 Marty Nephew Personal NY $75
    98.) 07-23-22 Howard & Barbara Goldenfarb Personal ME $1,000
    99.) 07-25-22 Bernard Gage, Jr. Personal VT $100
    100.) 07-30-22 Joe & Lynne Goodman Personal MA $1,000
    101.) 07-30-22 Scott & Nancy Simpson Personal ME $50
    102.) 08-01-22 Barnacle Billy's, Inc. Personal ME $1,000
    103.) 08-01-22 William & Marie Pimley Personal - "eGift" ME $50
    104.) 08-02-22 Scott Hersey Personal ME $30
    105.) 08-04-22 Richard & Suzanne Towne Personal NH $100
    106.) 08-04-22 Denise & Larry Green Personal - "eGift" MA/ME $100
    107.) 08-04-22 John Haddock Personal - "eGift" MA $250
    108.) 08-04-22 David Smith Personal - "eGift" GA $50
    109.) 08-05-22 John & Sue Stebbins Personal - "eGift" MA/ME $100
    110.) 08-06-22 Andy & Susan Tapparo Personal - "eGift" MA $500
    111.) 08-07-22 Bruce & Sheila Wilson Personal - "eGift" FL $100
    112.) 08-07-22 Stuart Dunn Personal ME $100
    113.) 08-08-22 Dwane Dushane Personal NY $40
    114.) 08-08-22 Anthony Consigli Consigli Constrution - "eGift" MA $250
    115.) 08-08-22 Michael & Sally Sanders Personal - "eGift" CT $100
    116.) 08-09-22 Mark Goodman Personal - "eGift" MA $250
    117.) 08-09-22 Catherine & Arnold Harrison Personal ME $100
    118.) 08-09-22 Schan Martin Personal ME $50
    119.) 08-14-22 Bill Kelson Personal MA $50
    120.) 08-15-22 Ray Vaillancourt Personal OH $60
    121.) 08-15-22 Dr. Ralph & Eleanor Small Personal NY $100
    122.) 08-23-22 Weston Lord Greenland Cove Cabins ME $100
    123.) 08-23-22 Kim Scholz Personal ME $30
    124.) 08-24-22 Tim Rozan Personal ME $75
    125.) 08-25-22 Nichol Hart Personal NY $30
    126.) 08-29-22 Robert Herrick Personal MA $30
    127.) 09-01-22 Todd Mallory Personal NY $50
    128.) 09-01-22 Steve LaPlante Personal CT $30
    129.) 09-01-22 Bill Otto Personal PA $25
    130.) 09-01-22 "Hurricane Mike" McKay & Torie Gendron Personal ME $1,000
    131.) 09-04-22 Robert "BigDogg" Winn Personal PA $30
    132.) 09-04-22 Vickie Wright Personal PA $30
    133.) 09-04-22 Roger Hopkins Personal RI $30
    134.) 09-04-22 William & Roseann Pakenham Personal MA $300
    135.) 09-06-22 Larry Reed Crew Personal ME $160
    136.) 09-06-22 David Joyce Personal NH $20
    137.) 09-06-22 Rod Smith Personal ME $20
    138.) 09-06-22 Linda Dubois Personal ME $30
    139.) 09-06-22 Karilyn Bonney Personal ME $40
    140.) 09-08-22 Randy & Cherish Clark In Memory of their Daughter, Alexis "Lexy" Gialleta VT $100
    141.) 09-08-22 Mark Coleman Personal NY $50
    142.) 09-08-22 Stacy Ebanks Personal DE $30
    143.) 09-09-22 Martin & Elise Buskey Personal NY $50
    144.) 09-11-22 Bernie Gage Personal VT $50
    145.) 09-12-22 Steve Clark Clark's Custom Meat Processing VT $200
    146.) 09-12-22 Ed Brozo Personal MA $30
    147.) 09-12-22 Barry Ano Personal NY $50
    148.) 09-12-22 Lynn Welsch In Memory of Jo Diggs NM $500
    149.) 09-13-22 Barry Ano Personal NY $20
    150.) 09-13-22 John Ford Personal PA $50
    151.) 09-13-22 Olivia Maxam Personal NY $20
    152.) 09-13-22 Cutter Maxam Personal NY $5
    153.) 09-14-22 Richard Howard & Karen Lee Brockney Personal MA $500
    154.) 09-15-22 Jeff Corey Personal MA $50
    155.) 09-16-22 Andrew Marks Personal VT $50
    156.) 09-16-22 Jonathan "Griff" Griffin Personal MA $100
    157.) 09-20-22 David Abood Personal NH $100
    158.) 09-20-22 Ron Covey Personal VT $30
    159.) 09-21-22 George Sweet Personal MA $25
    160.) 09-21-22 Jody Goff Personal MA $25
    161.) 09-21-22 Alan & Dawn Hanson Personal MA $71
    162.) 09-22-22 William Kelson Personal MA $30
    163.) 09-24-22 Eric & Caroline Chase Personal ME $100
    164.) 09-26-22 Neil Hickey Personal VT $50
    165.) 09-27-22 Joe Weaver Personal NY $50
    166.) 09-27-22 Steve McGrath Personal NH $50
    167.) 09-27-22 David Tarr Personal ME $40
    168.) 09-27-22 Tom Murphy Personal VT $30
    169.) 09-28-22 Martin & Elise Buskey Personal NY $50
    170.) 09-28-22 John Lambert, Jr. Personal NY $50
    171.) 09-29-22 Ricky Hagadorn Personal NY $35
    172.) 09-29-22 Mike Hammond Personal MA $5
    172.) 09-29-22 Dennis Reissig Personal NY $50
    173.) 09-29-22 Jim Blodgett Personal VT $150
    174.) 09-29-22 Dom Caputo Personal MA $30
    175.) 09-30-22 Elizabeth McLaughlin "In Memory of my Brother, Bob McLaughlin" NY $500
    176.) 09-30-22 Ian Wood Personal PA $35
    177.) 10-06-22 Fred Tardie Personal MA $100
    178.) 10-06-22 Steve LaPlante Personal CT $40
    179.) 10-06-22 Barry Ano Personal NY $40
    180.) 10-06-22 James Strobridge Personal NH $100
    181.) 10-09-22 Barry Ano Personal NY $50
    182.) 10-10-22 Don Hicks Personal NY $35
    183.) 10-11-22 David Abood Personal NH $50
    184.) 10-11-22 Kenneth Fowler Personal PA $100
    185.) 10-13-22 Don Stancil Personal PA $100
    186.) 10-13-22 Tom Fry Personal ME $40
    187.) 10-16-22 Martin & Elise Buskey Personal NY $50
    188.) 10-18-22 Buzz Leonard Personal ME $60
    189.) 10-18-22 Angel Troche Personal MA $20
    190.) 10-18-22 Marian & Brian Murphy Personal NH $100
    191.) 10-20-22 Tod Benjamin Personal VT $40
    192.) 10-21-22 James Foderaro Personal MA $25
    193.) 10-25-22 Fred Kunz Personal NH $10
    194.) 10-25-22 Shawn Rosenberger Personal PA $50
    195.) 10-25-22 Mark Girard Personal NH $100
    196.) 10-25-22 Mark Goodman Matching MassMutual Ventures funds from a previous donation. MA $250
    197.) 10-26-22 Anonymous Personal ? $100
    198.) 10-27-22 David Abood Personal NH $50
    199.) 10-27-22 Harold Peck Personal NY $300
    200.) 10-28-22 Martin & Elise Buskey Personal NY $50
    201.) 10-28-22 David Haberl Personal VT $60
    202.) 11-01-22 Donald & Shirley Spencer Personal VT $50
    203.) 11-01-22 Matt Tingo Personal NH $20
    204.) 11-01-22 James & Angela Feeney Personal MA $420
    205.) 11-01-22 Jeff Larson Personal NH $100
    206.) 11-13-22 Constance Griffin & Michael Harris Personal ME $1,100
    207.) 11-21-22 Peter Allaire Personal - "eGift" MA $100
    208.) 11-22-22 Anonymous Personal ? $30
    209.) 12-01-22 Anne-Marie & Brian Schofer Personal - "eGift" - In Memory of Bunny Clark (Tower) MA $100
    209.) 12-01-22 Eric Pysar Personal - "eGift" - In Memory of Bunny Clark (Tower) NY $50
    210.) 12-02-22 Paula Kocher Personal - "eGift" - "In Memory of Your Mother....fond memories - the last being Bunny and Billy at the fireplace in Billy's Etc visiting with so many friends. They are together again." NY $50
    211.) 12-02-22 Edson Setzer Personal - "eGift" - "In Memory of Your Mother" NY $50
    12-02-22 >>>>>>> Total to Date >>>>>>> $30,464