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The digital image on the right is a shot of two of the Bunny Clark's favorite anglers, without whom, my life on the ocean would not be nearly as fun. The picture was taken via my iPhone during a mid-October offshore trip during the 2021 fishing season. The angler on the left is Shawn Rosenberger (PA). The angler on the right is Ray Westermann (MA). Shawn has won the Bunny Clark's Fisherman of the Year award three seasons while Ray has won this award twice. Ray also took the Bunny Clark's Baitfisherman of the Year award an unprecedented eleven different seasons. Both are excellent to have aboard the boat because I know if they aren't catching anything no one will be catching anything and it's time to move! I can't tell you how many times that each has fished with us over the years. Nor would I ever be able to count how many trophy fish that each has landed over the years. On this day, I was cruising over the shallowest area we normally fish on the way to deeper water when I saw, what I thought, was a small school of big cod. I was moving along so the interpretation on the sounding machine is not quite as accurate as it would be if we were just hanging over a piece of bottom. So I turned around and went back to the exact location where I saw the fish and picked up their signature again. When everyone dropped their lines to bottom they hooked up immediately with bigger pollock, the biggest of which turned out to be a 26 pound Maine state trophy, our second largest pollock of the 2021 fishing season. Shawn's pollock weighed 21.25 pounds, our fifth largest pollock of the year while Ray's pollock weighed 21.5 pounds, our fourth largest pollock of the year. Other pollock that we caught on that one drop weighed in the high teens. All these pollock were caught at the same time. And we quickly lost them, never to be found again. As you can see in the image, the ocean was flat calm and the sky was clear and sunny, a beautiful day to be fishing on the ocean. Although the pollock makes up a large part of our catch during a season, particularly during the late summer and fall, the 2021 season was not the best pollock year we have ever had. We did have some great pollock catches. But they were less frequent than normal. But I suppose when we did get into them it was much more of a treat because it was so much less expected. They are still a great fish to catch. And they are also very good eating if properly taken care of. Special fish like Shawn's & Ray's are the kind of fish we like to see caught on the Bunny Clark .

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For information and reservations, telephone: 207-646-2214

For information and reservations:

Call: Bunny Clark, Corp. at - 207-646-2214
Write (Mailing Address): Tim Tower, P.O. Box 837F, Ogunquit, Maine 03907-0837
GPS Location to the dock: 70 Perkins Cove Road, Ogunquit, Maine 03907
Email Address (click here): bunnyclarkdsf@gmail.com

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