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The digital image on the right is shot that was taken on the May 30, 2024 marathon trip. In the picture, Charles Suelke (PA - left) and, deck hand, Danny DellaMonica are holding up Charles' 9 pound Maine state trophy haddock that Charles caught that day. During the forty-two seasons that the Bunny Clark has been operating, for half of them, a haddock of this size would have been the largest haddock of the season. But what is most unique about this fish is it's length. At 31.5 inches caliper fork length, this is tied for the second longest haddock we have ever seen. The only one longer than this haddock was a 17 pound haddock that Jared Keniston caught on the Bunny Clark during the May 11, 2004 marathon. Jared's haddock had a caliper fork length of 34 inches and a girth of 22", the second largest haddock I have ever seen and the standing Maine state angler record. Charles' haddock ties in length with a 9.5 pound Maine state trophy haddock caught by Eugene Herbest (ME) on July 16, 2002. Both Charles' haddock and Eugene's haddock were big spawned out female fish. Had they been caught during full spawning mode, probably in April or early May, they would have weighed significantly more. In fact, a 13 pound haddock caught by Curt Fish (ME) on April 14, 2024 had a caliper fork length of 30.5 inches, was 19 inches in girth and was full of eggs. Charles' longer fish could have easily met the 15 pound mark. The 2024 season has been a wonderful year for big haddock. So far [as of this writing on June 2, 2024], the Bunny Clark has landed forty-seven Maine state trophy haddock, our fifth best season since we started in May of 1983. Our best year was in 2000 when we landed ninety Maine state trophy haddock. We landed sixty-nine trophy haddock in 2001, fifty-five trophy haddock in 2002 and fifty trophy haddock in 2010. Actually, as of this writing, we have caught the most total number of haddock than any previous season. We have also caught the most sub-legal haddock of any season, to this point, as well. When you have a season like the one we are having this year, the anticipation is high when you are heading to the fishing grounds on every trip, something we live for as anglers, captains and mates. Special fish like Charles' are the kind of fish we like to see on the Bunny Clark .

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For information and reservations, telephone: 207-646-2214

For information and reservations:

Call: Bunny Clark, Corp. at - 207-646-2214
Write (Mailing Address): Tim Tower, P.O. Box 837F, Ogunquit, Maine 03907-0837
GPS Location to the dock: 70 Perkins Cove Road, Ogunquit, Maine 03907
Email Address (click here): bunnyclarkdsf@gmail.com

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